Man with awesome neck tattoo

The neck is a popular area for men to get tattooed on. With the wide variety of symbols, designs and elements when it comes men’s neck tattoos it is no wonder that more men are having tattoos done in that area.

Neck tattoos are ideal for men who would love to show off their tattoos since the neck area is usually an uncovered area. Duh! 🙂 They are also appropriate for men who would like to achieve that toughened look. However, the only disadvantage with having a neck tattoo would be that at some point one might need to cover it and it might be impossible to do so without seeming like they are hiding something.

Where To Tattoo On The Neck ?

Some men would love to have their tattoos at the back of the neck because that area is firm and strong. The back of the neck is also an easy place to get tattooed since it is less painful compared to other parts of the body and less sensitive to the tattoo gun. However, the front and the sides of the neck are usually very sensitive and would require a very skilled and experienced artist. Most men prefer to have their tattoos at the front of their neck or all around it. The most sensitive part of the neck is no doubt the front area and it is often the most painful, but when skillfully done, the end result should be worth all the pain and discomfort.

Tattoo owerwhealming

Designs For Men’s Neck Tattoos

Because the neck is a small area, most neck tattoos usually comprise of small designs. Depending on a man’s tastes it could be a good thing or a bad thing. Some men however let their tattoos images to flow down to their shoulders or up to their jaw line since the neck region is a small canvas and they prefer a larger image. However, there are still many great tattoo designs for the men. Most men prefer having something tough to be inked on their neck, therefore many will go for designs such as skulls, flames, snarling lion or leopard, Asian characters and so on. It would be rare to find a man having a flower, butterfly or love tattoo on the neck because such designs are more popular with the ladies.

Men’s neck tattoos have grown in popularity and more men are getting bolder and having their necks tattooed. Most manage to achieve that much desired toughened look while others don’t. The secret usually lies in their choice of design and what it really symbolizes for them. For inspiration head to